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We capture and you feel the golden and memorable moments of your wedding always fresh like dew on the petals of years of your life. We make your wedding videos & images and process them through a creative post production work with state- of - the art machines and gadgets along a storyline. We plan and capture your wedding moments in a way that it moves like a story so that it yields artistic & cinematic effect that you love to rewind, see and transport yourself into the sweetest world of your wedding over and over again.

Our Production House is an art-vision of creative cinematography & photography lovingly called Wedding Bioscope, a world class art platform for the elite, the passionate, the lovers of love, life and art.

Love turns one person into two & two into one

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Love is a decision not an emotion or a feeling,
that if made from the heart will outlast anything

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Togetherness is completeness

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Love one another and you will be happy.
It's as simple and as difficult as that.